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NAPNA Election Results & Leadership Changes

Posted almost 2 years ago by Tomas Walker

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4 January 2015

Hello all –

As the outgoing President of NAPNA I want to congratulate Jeanine Swygman DNP (Reno) as the incoming President and Teresa Praus, FNP (Las Vegas) as the incoming Vice-President. Jeanine and Teresa will do a terrific job of leading and representing the APRN community in Nevada-- I ask you to please give them the full support this professional community is known for.
DaNell Gilman will assume the position of Secretary for NAPNA – Thank you and congratulations to her. Sheryl Giordano, FNP for staying on for an additional term as Treasurer of NAPNA, Sheryl has done a great job in managing our finances and representing NAPNA locally and nationally.

Samantha Peckham (Las Vegas) and Cindy Pitlock (Reno) will be representing NAPNA as our legislative liaisons in the upcoming legislative session. This is a tough job and I appreciate their volunteering for these positions.

When I joined the leadership of the Special Practice Group of Nevada Nurses Association in 2008, I would never have thought it would lead to where we are today. At that time we had about 75 dues-paying members statewide in Nevada. Today NAPNA has over 420 dues-paying active APRN members.

It has been a remarkable tenure for me and I have been privileged to be part of the APRN evolution in Nevada. Consider how far we have come in that time--creating an APRN-centric organization with more than 420 members statewide, building alliances with AARP, and forming collaborative relationships with many other political and Nursing organizations in Nevada and across the nation. We have partnered with the Nevada Nurses Association and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners on many topics, increasing the presence of Nursing in the political arena. The number of Nevada nurse practitioners has been climbing geometrically, grown to more than 1200 practicing APRNs, and we are now recognized as a critical part of healthcare in this state. We have secured a seat at the Healthcare Policy table.

Our Annual CEU Event, now entering its 4th year, continues as a valuable continuing education resource, while providing a great source of revenue for our organization. The event has grown beyond our prior venue into a new location for 2016. We have an effective lobbyist who is recognized for his work in the healthcare environment, and for the support and friendship of many legislators.

The passage of AB 170 and Full Practice Authority for APRNs in Nevada was achieved in 2012, and with this the APRN community and our supporters have created a new path for the future of Nursing and Healthcare in Nevada. The passage of this bill was an amazingly proud moment for us, representing as it does the trust and support given to Nevada APRNs.

I recognize there is still much to accomplish, but it is time for me to step aside. When Matthew Khan (Reno) and I first became active in APRN leadership we discussed our long-term hopes and goals. We expected to face numerous challenges and setbacks and we have overcome many of these. There will be more successes, there will be more challenges; but if the Nursing community and the APRNs continue to hold their place at the healthcare table, our future is secure. As a united profession working toward common goals, we truly are a force that will continue to improve patient care for all of Nevada.

I want to say THANK YOU to all the members of NAPNA, for all you have done for the APRN community in Nevada, and for all of the support and confidence you have shown through these years of leadership. I will continue to remain active as the Past President. In the coming legislative session we will continue to identify and tackle barriers to APRN practice, and work to improve healthcare access for all of Nevada.

With deep appreciation for your support and all we have accomplished together.


Tomas C. Walker, DNP, APRN, CDE
(now) Past-President, NAPNA