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Update on Proposed Medical Laboratory Regulations & PUC Investigation and Rulemaking

Posted 8 months ago by Jeanine Swygman

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Proposed Medical Laboratory Regulations

The proposed changes to NAC 564 include expanding the types of healthcare professionals that can serve as an exempt laboratory director. Our very own NAPNA Communications and Membership Officer, Dr. Cameron Duncan presented public comment on March 10th from the viewpoint of an autonomous practice business owner to support adding APRNs to the list of providers who can serve as an exempt lab director. The regulation change was approved to allow APRNs to serve as lab directors to perform point of care tests.  This change will negate the need and expense for a physician lab director. This has been an ongoing barrier to practice for our autonomous APRNs, especially in the rural areas.

The next step is waiting for final approval from the legislative commission for the date the change will take effect. We will keep you posted!

Upcoming Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Notice for Request for Comments and Notice of Workshop

Your NAPNA Legislative Liaison, Dr. Cindy Pitlock, presented public comment on March 21st to the PUC relative to amending NAC 704.370 Termination of Service: Postponement when dangerous to health (NRS 703.025, 704.1835, 704.210). This amendment will expand the types of healthcare providers (in addition to a physician or public health official) to include APRNs to certify that any termination of service would endanger the health of the utility customer or resident of the affected dwelling. This will remove yet another barrier to APRN practice.

There was no opposition to the amendment which would bring the current regulation into alignment with AB 170 (2013).  There will be a hearing scheduled on this issue.  We will keep you posted!