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SB 227 - APRN Signature Authority Signed into Law!

Posted 10 months ago by Jeanine Swygman

SB 227 was signed into law by Governor Sandoval in the late hours of 6/2/2017!  NAPNA gives many heartfelt thanks to SB 227’s bill primary sponsor, Senator Joyce Woodhouse for championing APRN Signature Recognition which will help improve health care delivery and access to care provided by Nevada APRNs. Thank you to the other bill sponsors which include Senators Manendo, Parks, Ford, Spearman, Cancela, Denis, Ratti, and Segerblom, as well as Assemblymen Carlton, Oscarson and Titus. This bill was bipartisan with the support of legislators from both houses, north and south, rural and urban. Thank you to all the subject matter experts and stakeholders who came to the legislature to speak in support of APRN Signature Recognition. APRNs are part of the health care solution for Nevada, and we truly appreciate the support of the Nevada legislature and all stakeholders in the passage of this bill. We will keep you updated on the effective date. The press release from Governor Sandoval’s office is below.

Governor Sandoval signs 15 bills into law

CARSON CITY, NV – Governor Brian Sandoval signed 15 additional bills into law including a consumer protection bill and a measure establishing the Nevada Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. The Governor also vetoed 1 bill this evening.

Senate Bill 185 was sponsored by Senator Parks and is a consumer protection bill that safeguards an individual’s ability to share their opinion about a product or service by not allowing language in form contracts that would penalize customers for giving negative reviews. This measure prohibits a vendor from including in their standard contracts a provision that limits or requires the consumer to waive his or her rights to provide a review, comment, or other statement concerning the purchased goods or service.

Assembly Bill 260 authorizes some judges to suspend the sentence of a person who is convicted of a misdemeanor for solicitation of prostitution on the condition that they participate in a treatment program and comply with other conditions ordered by the court. A customer who is found guilty of engaging in prostitution or soliciting must pay a fine based on the number of times they have been found guilty and the court is also required to impose a civil penalty with collected funds to be used for enforcing solicitation crimes and treatment programs.

Senate Bill 253 establishes the Nevada Pregnant Workers’ Fairness Act, which provides protections to female employees similar to the protections of the federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act. The Act makes it an unlawful employment practice, with certain exceptions, for an employer to refuse to provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, to female employees and applicants for employment for a condition relating to pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition, unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the business of the employer.

The Governor signed the following bills into law:


Assembly Bill 251

Senate Bill 136

Assembly Bill 253

Senate Bill 185

Assembly Bill 260

Senate Bill 227

Assembly Bill 314

Senate Bill 253

Assembly Bill 346

Senate Bill 383

Assembly Bill 356

Senate Bill 411

Assembly Bill 372

Senate Bill 420

Assembly Bill 424


The Governor vetoed Senate Bill 265. A copy of the message is attached.

Mari N. St. Martin
Communications Director
Office of Governor Brian Sandoval
101 North Carson Street
Carson City, NV 89701
775-684-5683 (fax)