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Regulation Change Effective 6/21/2017: APRNs Able to Serve as Directors of Exempt Laboratories

Posted over 1 year ago by Jeanine Swygman

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On 8/2/2017, NAPNA received written confirmation from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services that effective 6/21/2017, NAC 652 Sec 6 has been amended to state that APRNs are qualified to serve as directors of exempt laboratories.  An exempt laboratory is defined as a laboratory in which with certain exceptions, the only tests performed are (1) waived tests; and (2) provider-performed microscopy procedures.  Please see attachment with the Adopted Regulation of the State Board of Health.

APRNs may now go through the process of applying and meeting the requirements to become a director of an exempt laboratory.  APRNs must submit an application and meet the requirements as any other business.

This regulation change eliminates a significant barrier to practice for APRNs who own their own practice and will help increase patient access to care.  Thank you to NAPNA Legislative Liaison Dr. Cindy Pitlock for taking the lead on this issue!