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Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association

Election for 2018-2019 Term

Posted 23 days ago by Jeanine Swygman

The 2016-2017 term for the NAPNA board and legislative liaison is almost over and it's time for elections!
If you are a current NAPNA member and are interested in being the 2018-2019 NAPNA President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, or legislative liaison, please submit a CV and statement of intent. 
The statement should include:
  • your previous leadership experience
  • why you are interested in a particular position
  • your vision for NAPNA
  • and your availability to attend meetings/events. 
Candidates will be reviewed by the NAPNA board.  Please submit your CV and statements to our secretary DaNell Gilman at
Applications will be accepted until midnight December 8.