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Posted 4 months ago by Jeanine Swygman

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Hello all and Happy New Year!

It is with great pleasure  as outgoing NAPNA President that I congratulate Dr. Cindy Pitlock DNP, CNM (Reno) as incoming President, Dr. LeeAnne Taylor DNP, FNP-BC (Las Vegas) as incoming Vice-President, and Dr. Denise Rowe DNP, FNP-BC (Las Vegas) as incoming Secretary! In addition to Cindy transitioning from her role as Legislative Liaison, there will be continuity in the leadership team with Lori Harrison FNP-BC (Reno) continuing in her role as our outstanding treasurer, keeping our finances in order. Please give your new leadership the full support and backing of our APRN community. They will be great representatives for Nevada APRNs locally and nationally.

There are other roles in NAPNA that are deserving of recognition. Without them, NAPNA would not be able to function on a continuing basis as you know it today. Their dedication to bringing and keeping our membership together is crucial and admirable. Continuing in their roles will be the South Monthly Meeting Coordinator, Rob Phoenix FNP-BC (Las Vegas) and the North Monthly Meeting Coordinator Dani Barisone FNP-BC (Reno). They also wear multiple hats by also serving on their respective CEU Event Committees. Dr. Cameron Duncan DNP, FNP-BC (Reno) will continue as the Membership and Communications Officer. The outgoing board has vetted and approved Vania Carter FNP-BC (Reno) who has stepped up to volunteer as the North Legislative Liaison. If there is anyone interested in being the South Legislative Liaison, please let us know!

Two years ago when I became NAPNA President I had no idea what a whirlwind the term would become with the background work in bringing our APRN Signature Recognition bill to fruition, in addition to many other achievements. I would like to thank the outgoing board for their wisdom as well as their unwavering dedication and service: Dr. Catherine Sines DNP, FNP-BC (Vice-President - Las Vegas) and DaNell Gilman (Secretary – Reno). Cindy was outstanding in her role as Legislative Liaison, and the membership will benefit from her experience. Our lobbyist, Chelsea Capurro (Griffin Company) patiently and firmly guided NAPNA towards legislative success.

NAPNA has many accomplishments to be proud of in this term. This past legislative session, SB 227 passed both the Assembly and the Senate unanimously, thanks to the support of the legislators, stakeholders, policymakers who agreed with our vision to improve health care access for all Nevadans. NAPNA represented Nevada APRNs at various healthcare policy tables, such as with the Governor’s office regarding discussions culminating in AB 474, which changed opioid prescribing guidelines for APRNs. Input from APRNs is now actively sought in policy issues that affect our practice – I always say if you are not at the table you are likely on the menu! NAPNA has increased its political presence by forging strong alliances with other nursing groups such as Nevada Nurses Association, the Nevada chapter of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association, and the Nevada Association of Nurse Anesthetists. We have partnered with various stakeholders, political organizations and other state APRN associations. We had successful annual CEU events in both the north and the south. Our first NAPNA Gala was held at Montreux Golf and Country Club this past September in

Reno. To support the growth of our profession, we established a Scholarship Fund for APRN students, and was able to give $3200 in scholarships in the first year of the fund. NAPNA has continued to demonstrate the strength and cohesiveness of its leadership team and APRN membership.

It was been a privilege and an honor to serve my tenure as NAPNA President and be part of the ongoing evolution of Nevada APRN practice. In the last five years, NAPNA has helped Nevada APRNs achieve full practice authority (2013) and APRN Signature Recognition (2017). The number of APRNs has increased to over 1800, and culture change is happening as we are seen as part of the healthcare access solution for Nevada. NAPNA will continue seeking to remove APRN practice barriers and continue creating a positive practice environment for APRNs. As a profession, we will continue to earn the trust and support of our patients and the public.

It was a difficult decision for me to decide to step aside as there is still much work to do, however for personal and professional reasons it is time for me to help nurture a new group of APRN leaders. As I was recently appointed to the NSBN APRN Advisory Committee, I will still be active in APRN issues, and I will continue to be active as Immediate Past-President. While we have had many successes, it is important that we as an APRN community to remain steadfastly united, protect our accomplishments, stay relevant at the healthcare policy table, and continue to work on our motto which is improving healthcare access for all Nevadans.

Thank you to the NAPNA membership for the wonderful care with excellent outcomes that you provide for your patients, all the work you have done for the APRN community at large in Nevada, and for all the support and confidence the NAPNA membership has shown in me and the leadership team! We could not have achieved all we have without being in it together.

With deepest gratitude,

Dr. Jeanine Swygman DNP, APRN, ACNP-BC, CCRN-CMC, PHN

NAPNA Immediate Past-President