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APRN Advisory Committee and SB 227 Signature Recognition

Posted 9 months ago by Cindy Pitlock

Dear esteemed APRN members:

NAPNA represented the membership at yesterday's APRN Advisory Committee meeting in discussion about the parameters of SB 227, APRN signature recognition. It was concluded that the bill language must be considered in entirety and if the document is not specifically listed in the language, we may not sign it at this time. Please see a link to the bill.


The board and members of the committee are in strong support of the APRN cohort and autonomous practice and NAPNA enjoys a positive relationship with them. If you have any specific questions about your scope of practice, please refer those questions to the board. As always, NAPNA cannot give specific practice advice, and inevitably your practice and knowing your parameters are your responsibility. Also we were asked to relay to the membership to check your email and contact information with the board so you are receiving timely updates.

It appears there are a few DMV forms that have been identified that are not included in the original bill language. NAPNA's leadership and lobbyist will request a form change from the administrative agency. Going forward, if you find you have a form that you need to sign in your practice and are unable to do so, we will ask the specific administrative agency for signature recognition. Please let us know what form you need authority to sign.  At this time, this will exclude worker's compensation forms because we did not get legislative support in that area of practice, and the legislators specifically asked that the area be exluded.

The 2017 legislative session was extremely positive for APRN's and NAPNA will continue to advocate on your behalf. Please know however, this can be challenging to advocate for you if you are not a member. Please renew/initiate your membership so the work may continue. In the future, this information will only be available in APRN Legislative Updates, which is accessible to membership only. Please know that autonomous practice advocacy takes thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours. It is a pleasure for the leadership to advocate and provide for educational oppotunities for its members.

In service to the community,

Cindy Pitlock DNP, CNM, APRN


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