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Monthly Musings May 2018

Posted 8 months ago by Cindy Pitlock

Monthly Musings May 2018

Dear Esteemed Colleagues:

Lately I have been immersed in public health literature and research. I remember years ago when Healthy People 2020 was formulated, I thought wow, this is years away. Now as a provider, I find myself already half way through 2018. Statistics show we have made great progress but remain remote from our health care goals in many areas. I encourage you to look through the topics and objectives and focus on issues in your practice area where you might make a difference.

Healthy People 2020

I have also attended a public health care summit and have a more enlightened understanding about health care access vs ability to obtain those services. It seems the focus has been predominantly on access and needs to shift to also include obtainability. As APRN’s are often at the front line of serving Nevada’s most vulnerable health care populations, NAPNA will continue to be present at the discussion table relative to these issues. Identified areas include insurance companies who will not contract with an APRN without a collaborative agreement with a physician, and reimbursement issues. I would love to hear about both access and obtainability issues that are affecting your practice and specific patient population.

We will be posting webinars to provide opportunity for APRN’s to fulfill licensure requirements for both opioid and suicide CEU requirements. We also successfully concluded a webinar on the Legal 2000 process. If you would like to view the event, please register for it under the “Events” tab on the website and I will forward you the access information.

Have great and successful days.




Cindy Pitlock DNP, CNM, APRN


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