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A message from NAPNA

Posted 7 months ago by Cindy Pitlock

Greetings from the Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association. I wanted to highlight NAPNA’s involvement in issues that affect your practice and encourage your continued support and renewed membership. Please know that membership is essential if we are to reach our full potential on remaining issues.  Civic engagement is an ongoing component and we need to continue to have an active voice in the issues and policies that shape our careers.

Since NAPNA and our supporting legislators sponsored and successfully advocated for APRN autonomous practice in 2013, we have accomplished many things to improve access to health care, educate our members, provide a platform for collaboration, and support APRN students through scholarship funds. Our most recent accomplishments are as follows:

  • Annual CEU events including Board of Pharmacy/Nursing updates
  • Sponsorship and passage of APRN global signature recognition; including POLST forms, DMV forms, handicapped placards, death certificates
  • Participation in the opioid bill language (AB 474)
  • Participation in the suicide bill language
  • Participation in the passage of the regulation allowing APRN’s to be exempt lab directors for point of care testing such as UPT, fingersticks, rapid strep/influenza without a physician medical director
  • Participation with Board of Nursing developing regulation language relative to the release of Legal 2000 forms
  • Donation of thousands of dollars in scholarship money to our student members
  • The maintenance of our lobbyist Griffin & Company who advocates vehemently for the protection and advancement of our practice
  • Monthly educational dinners/meetings for networking and collaboration
  • Membership updates of issues of interest
  • Meetings with legislators and key stakeholders to educate about who APRN’s are, what APRN’s do and promotion of eliminating barriers to full practice
  • Successful defeat of the Anesthesia Assistant bill
  • Webinars to fulfill recent licensing requirements


It is an honor for me to serve NAPNA’s APRN’s. We have long-term and ongoing work and are actively shaping policy on your behalf. Together we can accomplish things that we could not separately! We would love to see you at one of the live or virtual events!


Cindy Pitlock, DNP, CNM, APRN


Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association