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HIV testing and Prevention Provider Survey

Posted 4 months ago by John Phoenix

Interviews in Las Vegas: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

 The Henne Group and RTI International are collaborating on this project sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We are inviting clinicians to take part in a research study about HIV testing and prevention. This study is aimed at FAMILY MEDICINE and GENERAL PRACTICE providers [no HIV medicine specialty required]. 

 We will be conducting 60 minutes in person interviews in Las Vegas, NV during the week of August 13th – 17th.

The purpose of the research is to learn clinicians’ thoughts on a communication campaign being developed for health care providers and involves participating in an interview. 

 If you are eligible and choose to be in the study, all of your comments will be kept private. In appreciation for your participation, providers will receive $250 for MD/DO and $225 for NPs and PAs as a token of appreciation.

 To confirm your participation in the study, please call us now at 877–214-9715  or visit the following link:

 In addition, they may call me at my direct number 415-348-2933.

 All information gathered during the interview will be de-identified for analysis and reported in summary form. No information identifying individual participants will be provided in any of the subsequent reporting of our findings.