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Wecome Community Partner Dr. Fredericks!!

Posted 3 months ago by Cindy Pitlock

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Debra Fredericks


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Integrated Behavioral Healthcare

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Debra Fredericks, PhD, APRN, PMHCNS-BC has a PhD in psychology, specializing in Behavior Analysis and Geropsychology. Graduating from Orvis School of Nursing in 1998 with a MS specializing in Geropsychiatry she continued her education to obtain ANCC national licensure as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health. She started the very first memory care clinic in Northern Nevada in Reno in 2017. In 2018 she opened a clinic in Elko, NV, coordinated by an Elko nurse, Lisa Dinwiddie, RN, MSN. Also in 2018 Dr. Fredericks started the first activities program for early phase Alzheimer's patients called "Memory Masters." Over the years, she developed and provided thousands of hours of telehealth pt care and education throughout rural and frontier Nevada. After 13 years with the UNR medical school, she opened a private practice in 2009. This practice, "Integrated Behavioral Healthcare" continues to provide diagnoses, medical management and social service referrals for Alzheimer's and related dementias. Family members are also seen for caregiver consultations, counseling, education, future planning, social services referrals, and psychiatric managment seperately from patients.

She is a recognized expert in Washoe Family Court, working as an expert witness for many different types of cases involving seniors. She also provides capacity evaluations for guardianship petitions. There is a wide-spread misunderstanding of legislation regarding guardianship and the "requirement" of MD certification. Dr. Fredericks, as a recognized expert, is able to provide the certification for guardianship petitions. She will typically obtain second and third signatures from primary care or specialty MDs when required, such as for changes in trustee.

Dr. Fredericks' perspective is wholistic; her philosophy is field oriented, specifically Interbehavioral. Because she is a Behavior Analyst, she is able to balance medication management with behavioral management for both patients and care partners. She emphasizes care for the entire family providing not only "patient centered care" but "family centered care."

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