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Information needed - Nevada Legislative Session Here we go!!!!

Posted 3 months ago by Cindy Pitlock

Dear colleagues:

The preparation for the legislative session is in full swing! NAPNA leadership and our contract lobbyist will be representing you on all healthcare issues that will affect your practice. At last glance there were about 25 bill draft requests likely to affect nursing in some way. We will be collaborating with key stakeholders along the way and need your input and support.

However, I need some vital information from you to prepare. Some hold to the myth that the number of truly autonomous APRN's has not grown since 2013, but only increased practice scope in collaboration settings. In fact, many APRN's have gone fully autonomous since the autonomous pratice bill passed. Nevada's autonomous APRN's see hundreds of patients daily, in a variety of practice settings. Access to care has been increased, costs have decreased, and patient outcomes and satisfaction have also increased.

I have been asked the question multiple times about specifics by our legislators and key stakeholders. Please email me with the following information if you are in autonomous practice. Also, we cannot represent you if you are not a member. Please initiate and renew your membership today. Member numbers count. We have a full-time contract lobbyist and a leadership team ready to represent you.

  1. Approximately how many patients total does your practice see daily that are yours, that you see autonomously?
  2. Can you list any other independent providers that you know of anywhere in Nevada so I may ask them the same question?

Please email me this information so I can compile total practice numbers and patient visit numbers. 

Have a stellar day.

Cindy Pitlock, DNP, CNM, APRN
Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association