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*****Very Important****** Notice of Public Workshop Reimbursement rate parity for APRN's Medicaid

Posted 25 days ago by Cindy Pitlock

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Dear autonomous practice team:


Please be noticed there is a very important workshop scheduled with DHHS regarding Medicaid reimbursement parity for APRN’s. As you know Medicaid reimbursement rates for APRN’s are significantly less than that of physicians for the same billing codes, making it much more difficult for APRN’s to maintain autonomous practice. We need great representation at this meeting. It is accessible in the North and South, and also by telephone. If you are not able to attend, please write a statement and send to Richard Whitley to be entered into public comment. If you are to testify or make written statement, please prepare specific examples with billing codes and impact on your practice. Prepare to speak logically and professionally and remember, generally public comment is only limited to 2 minutes. We need representation of all types of practice including midwifery, women’s health, psych/mental health, pediatrics, primary care, etc. This is our opportunity!!!


Dr. Cindy Pitlock DNP, CNM, APRN


Nevada Advanced Practice Nurses Association