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Medicaid reimbursement rate workshop

Posted 24 days ago by Cindy Pitlock

Hello esteemed team:

 Dr. Cameron Duncan will be officially representing NAPNA at this workshop. I will be assembling a package of letters to submit to Richard Whitley. Here is some additional information.

 For letters, please submit to me. If possible place on your letterhead. Be professional and concise. Thank him for this opportunity for review. List who you are, what kind of practice you have and the types of clients you see ie., mental health, peds, primary care. Indicate how reimbursement parity will allow you to provide service, expand, maintain autonomy or whatever. It would be helpful to give some specific billing codes as examples. Indicate that it would allow you to expand your Medicaid patient load thereby decreasing wait time or whatever. This is your opportunity to professionally sell yourself, what you do and the difference you make in Nevada health care. Letters need to be submitted to me by 12/2 so I can compile and forward.

  1. For testimony – same as above. But realize that your time is limited. You need to be able to articulate in 2 minutes. This is usually the time allowed in hearings or any time you give formal testimony. Be gracious and positive. Acknowledge this wonderful opportunity.


NAPNA leadership is absolutely thrilled for this opportunity!!!


Dr. Cindy Pitlock DNP, CNM, APRN


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