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New NAPNA Officers

Posted 4 months ago by Jeanine Packham

Hello NAPNA Membership,

The posting provides updates about the leadership of NAPNA and other updates.  

First, I would like to express my gratitude to the outgoing officers for their dedication to serving our membership with their expertise and maintaining the original vision of NAPNA.  


Best wishes to:

Dr. Claudette Rhoades

Dr. Cameron Duncan


And special thanks to Dr. Diane McGinnis for facilitating this transition.


Since the founding of NAPNA it has been difficult to recruit and retain qualified members to participate in leadership roles.  The departure of Dr Duncan and Dr Rhoades required emergency appointments for several officers.


The new officers for NAPNA are presently:

President: Dr. Jeanine Packham

Vice President: Dr. Angela Berg

Secretary: Joseph Barnes FNP


Dr. Alex Romero will be staying on as Treasurer. The treasurer election is always held in the off year from other officer positions.


A brief introduction about your 2024 new NAPNA president: 

My name is Jeanine Packham (formerly Swygman) and I was president during the 2016-2017 legislative session.  During my term we were able to get the signature recognition bill passed which allowed APRNs to sign death certificates, DMV handicap placard forms, and other documents we could not sign due to outdated statutes.


We are looking forward to meeting with and hearing from our membership at our monthly meetings in the north and south which will be getting set up soon! Please reach out if you are interested in being on a committee (membership, conference) or getting involved in the legislative group in preparation for the next session. It truly takes a village to keep NAPNA going.


Dr. Jeanine Packham

NAPNA President